Frequently Asked Questions

Publisher FAQ

Q: What is
A: is the new online CPM & CPC advertising network directed on North American and European market.

Q: Is the use of charged?
No. The use of is FREE for publishers and we will never require any charges for using our system from our publishers.

Q: How to use system?
The usage of system is very simple. Simply register your publisher account, implement ad/promotional codes on your sites with a simple copy & paste method and then just watch the profits from your web sites.

Q: Which formats of advertising provide?
 We provide 3 basic advertising formats as following: 300x250, 728x90 and 160x600. In case of interest by advertisers we can temporarily or permanently install new banner formats whilst informing each publisher of it. 

Q: Who can use system?
A: system can be used by anyone. system is the international advertising network .

Q: Does accept traffic from all countries?
We accept traffic based on demand by the advertisers. The best results are offered for traffic from the countries like Colombia, Usa, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Great Britain, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland, Australia, Israel, Denmark, Italy, Belgium and Austria. In case the advertisers are interested and large campaigns for the traffic from other countries are purchased, we will inform our publishers. We are sorry to tell you we cannot accept too much traffic from Asian and Arab countries. Unfortunately, we do not have enough advertisers for these countries. 

Q: How and when are the publisher payments made?
The majority of our advertisers pays us for an advertising according to NET45 - NET90, but we always strive to pay our publishers commissions daily, without delay. However, in the event of delayed payments from advertisers we hold the right to pay our publishers only within 60 days from the payment request. We believe, though, that we will always be able to send out the payments on a daily basis. Our publishers are paid using payment system. In case you cannot accept payment via, please contat us for bank wire payments.

Q: What is the minimum payment?
Currently, the minimum payment is $5 for publisher payments and $1 for affiliate payments.

Q: How many banners can I place on a single site?
You can place maximum 3 banners of varied sizes on a single site. It means you can use every advertising format only once per site .

Q : Which sites can I place ads on?
You can place ads on any sites which do not violate the laws, do not contain adult material, do not instigate violation of the laws, do not breach copyright and do not violate (and do not instigate violation of) laws of ethnic groups. You cannot place ads on sites with fake traffic, traffic from autosurfs and from other low-quality sources. For all the restrictions, please read the publisher agreement .

Q: Does have an affiliate program?
Yes. will pay you up to $5 for each new publisher who requests his/her first payment. In addition to this, you get as much as 3% of the earnings of every publisher who signs up through your affiliate link. In addition to this, you get as much as 5% of the campaign worth purchased by the referred advertiser.

Q: I have more questions.
For further questions and clarifications, feel free to contact us!

Advertiser FAQ

Q: How can I purchase an advertising in ?
You can purchase an advertising in via BuyNow site where we prepared quality ad packages for you, from $50 USD. On this site, you may purchase the ad right away via (or credit card, bank wire, check) and your campaign will be activated within 24 hours after the purchase. In the event of interest in your campaign or individual services feel free to contact us and we will be keen to prepare services exactly by your demands. For larger campaigns, we offer you extra possibilities.

Q: How can I try out the quality of your services ?
For new advertisers who are interested to try out our services without obligation, we prepared free test campaigns in worth of $1 - $10. Within these test campaigns you can verify the qualify of our services. Test campaigns are activated within 5 working days after ordering.

Q: Which pricing models do you offer to advertisers?
Each our advertiser may choose between CPC and CPM pricing models. It is up to him/her, what option he/she chooses from.

Q: Which payment methods do you accept?
For BuyNow packages, we accapt PayPal, Credit Card, Check and Bank Wire payments. For the individual campaigns, we accept more payment options.

Q: When is campaign activated?
A campaign purchased via BuyNow is activated within 24 hours after payment. Individual campaigns are activated by an agreement with the advertiser, however never before we receive the entire payment for ad campaign.

Q: Do you provide your advertisers with stats?
Of course. For all campaigns we provide detailed statistics.

Q: What are the minimum prices for advertising in
 Minimum price of CPM campaigns is $0.08 USD per 1,000 ad displays, for CPC campaigns the minimum price being $0.02 USD per click. For large campaigns, it is possible to propose individual, lower prices. For North American and European countries, ad prices are higher.

Q: I am interested in the individial campaign.
Feel free to contact us!